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Count from 0 to 20: A Learn with Ladybird Activity Book 3-5 years

Count from 0 to 20: A Learn with Ladybird Activity Book 3-5 years

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This colourful activity book, featuring six friendly animal students in Ladybird Class, helps preschool children develop their first number skills.Perfect for fun at-home learning, this activity book will help build your child's confidence with counting. They will practise writing and counting numbers from 0 and 20 in different contexts, while gradually building on what they have already learned. Children are taught to form each number in the correct way, with coloured arrows to follow, and guidance for left-handed children.This book includes ideas for fun extension activities, as well as helpful parent notes and activity answers to support learning and give children a sense of achievement. This is the perfect support for children as they build up to First Sums: A Learn with Ladybird Activity Book 3-5 years.


Wydawnictwo: ladybird
Rok publikacji: 2022
Liczba stron: 32
Okładka: miękka
Format: 21.0x29.0cm
Towar w kategorii: Nauka języków , Książki dla dzieci , Edukacja przedszkolna , Nauka języków ', ' Język angielski
Wersja publikacji: Książka papier
ISBN: 9780241515556
Kod towaru: 03725A04505KS


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