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Liczba stron: 358
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The Final Rising

The Final Rising

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The future is within their grasp - can they rise to meet it? In this powerful conclusion to the Tomorrow's Ancestors series, the rebels of Uracil have one final choice to make.After the devastating attack on Uracil, the safety it once offered Elise and her friends has been shattered. Desperate, alone and scared, they need to find the residents captured during the attack, and create a new place of safety before they are found once more.But how can they ever truly feel safe when they suspect there is a traitor among them?And when Samuel and Genevieve unexpectedly return, it throws things even further into disarray. With competing motivations and loyalties around every corner, should they focus on finding safety for themselves, or try once more to change the world for the better?Can they rise, one final time?


Wydawnictwo: Del Rey
Rok publikacji: 2023
Liczba stron: 358
Okładka: miękka
Format: 13.0x20.0cm
Wersja publikacji: Książka papier
ISBN: 9781529101379
Kod towaru: 62708A04505KS


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