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The Race Against Time

The Race Against Time

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A transformational quest for the secrets of happy, healthy, whole-life running that will change the way you think about growing older.Colourful, informative and inspiring, The Race Against Time is a story of cold science and heart-warming resilience; of champions and also-rans; of sprinting centenarians and forty-something super-athletes barely touched by age. Its heroes are experts and enthusiasts - scientists, coaches, runners - from many countries, each with a different story to tell.This is a book for anyone who has ever felt the healing power of running – or simply wondered about the effects of ageing. It is both a very personal account of one man's journey from despair to hope, and an exhilarating guide, explaining how timely adjustments to lifestyle and training can slow the progress of physiological decay, while sheer human spirit can, if you are lucky, keep you running happily and healthily, all the way into extreme old age.


Wydawnictwo: vintage
Rok publikacji: 2024
Liczba stron: 358
Okładka: miękka
Format: 13.0x19.0cm
Wersja publikacji: Książka papier
ISBN: 9781529112368
Kod towaru: 98979A04505KS


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